Our customer care staff is available via email at and will be pleased to assist you with any needs you may have!

About our Porducts

We carry the licenses for Disney, Pop Funko, and Warner Brothers, allowing us to create any charms related to those brands. Our charms are branded differently depending on the product purchased.

  • Our Star Wars
  • Our Marvel
  • Our iconic Disney characters, such as Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse, are all branded Disney.
  • Our DC Comics
  • Our Harry Potters are all branded Warner Brothers.

We do not sell anything branded by Pandora or any other jewelry company. We only sell and create brands for which we are licensed to.

Caring for your jewelry is a simple process. To prolong the life of your jewelry, it's best to avoid wearing it while sleeping, in the shower, and while cleaning with chemicals. Although the materials used to create our products are resistant to these conditions, avoiding them will help extend the longevity of your jewelry.

When not wearing your charms, the best place to store them is in a jewelry box. This helps protect them from exposure to air, which can cause tarnishing.

If your items do get tarnished, we provide a pink polishing cloth with every order. Simply rub the jewelry vigorously with the polishing cloth, and it will immediately clean the jewelry and remove any tarnishing.

We offer affordable and durable jewelry for everyone looking to purchase their favorite pieces without spending a lot of money. Our charms are made from a base of brass, a metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. We use the highest quality brass available, which significantly reduces costs while maintaining the high durability of pure sterling silver.

Brass is known for its:

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion: This makes it perfect for use in environments exposed to moisture and harsh chemicals like chlorine or cleaning agents.
  • Low friction: This reduces wear and tear on moving and rubbing parts, such as a charm bracelet full of beautiful charms, increasing durability.
  • Hypoallergenic properties: Brass is completely allergen-free, making it suitable for all skin types and ensuring our charms do not negatively affect your skin.
  • High recyclability: Brass is highly recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability. Scrap brass can be melted down and reused without significant loss of quality.

Our charms undergo an additional step of coating with pure 925 sterling silver. All our jewelry is generously triple-plated in sterling silver, making the jewelry nearly 50% silver. The main benefits of sterling silver include:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Sterling silver has a lustrous appearance that enhances the visual appeal of all charms and jewelry.
  • Ease of maintenance: Sterling silver can be easily cleaned and restored to its original luster with proper care. Anti-tarnish treatments and coatings are also available to minimize tarnishing.

By combining these two beautiful metals, we have found the perfect ratio that keeps jewelry affordable and of extremely high quality, ensuring your charm bracelets last for years with proper care.

Yes, our charms do fit on Pandora bracelets. If you have purchased and found they do not fit, please note that we are working to ensure all our charms can screw onto the bracelet. This way, even if the bracelet clasp breaks, your charms will remain securely on the bracelet, preventing any loss.

Online shopping can be intimidating due to the prevalence of fake sites. We have worked extremely hard to maintain a positive reputation for our store.

We have over 700 reviews that you can check out at the bottom of our page under "Reviews" or by clicking HERE. We use a platform called, which adds a verified badge to every customer who has purchased, received their items, and left a review. Once a review is placed, it cannot be removed by us, ensuring authenticity.

For payments, we offer installment methods like Afterpay and ZipPay, which require an active business number for setup. This makes it nearly impossible for scam sites to use these payment methods.

As an online-only store, we take these concerns very seriously. Our support team is always available to chat and put your mind at ease.

Grab a piece of string long enough to go around your wrist. Cut the string to size, then measure it with a ruler. The measurement shown is the bracelet size you should choose.

Order processing and Delivery

We take shop pay, Afterpay, Zippay and PayPal in addition to all major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX.

Yes, we ship worldwide.

We aim to process orders every business day, but occasionally, it can take up to 3 business days for parcels to be shipped out. If a product is currently out of stock or found to be damaged, we will send you an email to inform you of the situation and work closely with you to get your order sent out as soon as possible.

As we ship globally, delivery times vary depending on your location. Below, we outline the estimated delivery time frames for our most popular locations.

We have warehouses in both Australia and Beijing. All Australian and New Zealand orders will be sent from Australia, while all other orders will be shipped from our warehouse in Beijing.

Australia - We offer 3 shipping services:

  1. Standard: Sent with Australia Post, typically takes up to 1 week to arrive.
  2. Express: Sent with Australia Post, typically takes up to 3 days to arrive.
  3. Local Delivery: Available if you are located in the surrounding suburbs:

If orders are placed before 3 PM, they will be delivered by our packing team the same day. Orders placed after 3 PM may be delivered the next day. Local deliveries can also be made on Saturday or Sunday, but this may vary depending on availability.

New Zealand - we offer 2 shipping services:

  1. Standard: Sent with Australia Post, typically takes up to 2 weeks to arrive.
  2. Express: Sent with Australia Post, typically takes up to 1 week to arrive.

International - We offer 2 shipping services:

  1. Standard International Shipping
  2. Insured International Shipping

Both of these methods are standard shipping, as express shipping would come from Australia and take nearly twice as long at over three times the price. This is why we ship from our international warehouse using only standard shipping.

Insured shipping is a service that provides additional security in case a parcel is lost or delayed. If your parcel is lost, we will offer replacements and add an extra charm of your choice to your order. Alternatively, we can provide a full refund. With normal standard shipping, we will only replace the items in the order without an additional charm and do not offer refunds.

If you don't see your location listed, it will be under the section titled "Rest of the World."

United States:

  • Delivery time can take between 2 to 3 weeks.

United Kingdom:

  • Delivery can take up to 2 weeks.


  • Delivery can take between 3 to 4 weeks.


  • Delivery time can take up to 2 weeks.

Rest of the World:

  • Delivery time can take up to 4 weeks.

Please note that international deliveries often experience delays and pauses due to customs. Tracking numbers change when entering different countries, you might notice that the tracking number doesn't update for the first week to a week and a half after shipping. This is because your parcel has not yet reached your designated country, and your local carrier service doesn't have an update to provide. This is a very common occurrence with international orders.

Very rarely, an item may get lost during customs processing, which can be extremely frustrating. A common reason parcels get lost is due to an incorrect address. We use an automated system that detects your address through Google, so we suggest you double-check that the address is 100% correct and properly formatted.

Australian/New Zealand Orders: If your parcel is deemed lost, we offer either a replacement or a refund. As the customs clearance process is not as stringent as in other countries, parcels very rarely get lost.

International Orders: If your parcel is deemed lost, we follow these procedures:

  • Standard Shipping: We provide a full set of replacements.
  • Insured Shipping: We either provide a full set of replacements along with a free charm for the inconvenience or offer a full refund for your order.

No matter the circumstances we take responsibility for the shipping cost for sending out replacements.Please keep an eye on your tracking number, as we do not receive notifications if a parcel gets lost, which leaves us unaware of the situation. If you notice an issue, send us a quick email, and we will provide the best solution possible.

Returns and Refunds

Please contact us, and we will provide you with the correct address to return the items. Please note that all orders will be returned to our Australian location, as our international warehouses do not have a return box.

Most importantly please contact us on

If any items you have received are defective, incorrect, or damaged, you have 30 days from delivery to ensure the items are in proper working order and free from manufacturing defects. Within those 30 days, we will offer full replacements for the damaged or defective products.

If we have sent the incorrect order, we won't require the charms back as it is our fault. We will simply create a new order for you and send out your correct replacements.

All refunds will be applied to the original method of payment used by you. If you used a credit or debit card to make your purchase, your money will be reimbursed to your account within 3 to 10 business days of the return or cancellation request being received by the company.

Order cancellations are definitely possible as long as the order has not been shipped. We aim to ship all parcels within 1 to 3 business days. If you need to cancel your order after it has been shipped, there's no need to worry. Once the items arrive in your possession, you can send them back to us at your expense, and we will provide a refund once we receive them.

Changing your order is a very simple process if it hasn’t been shipped yet. Simply contact us soon as possible, and we can make the necessary adjustments. If there is a delay in our response, please know that our support and packing teams work closely together to ensure that any order changes are made before shipping.